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VIP Anessa


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VIP Anessa
VIP Anessa
VIP Anessa
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1 year
Please call me on
Cannes , France
To ensure the best deal and priority service from your chosen Escorts mention theEscortWeb!

I am very happy to welcome you on my site and to thank you for being here.
You are probably impatient already to know me a bit better and even go deeper... Id like to introduce myself first, Anessa, 29 years old, 176 cm high, 58 kg with measurements 90C-62-90. Paris is my beloved adoptive city which I enjoy every moment. My past belonged to lingerie fashion industry. It was hard but exciting school of life which helps me always be in a perfect shape, charm with my femininity and seductive allure. Behind my beautiful appearance youll find my soft, joyful and friendly nature. I was lucky to get excellent education during my childhood, so I speak several languages what allows me to become an integral part of high-class society and be amazing company for gentlemen.
I wont hide the fact that I love beautiful life. I am a luxury escort girl. I love to possess upper standing things, to eat in great restaurants, to discover the best places and to be surrounded with beautiful people during parties, in the theaters, in the museums...
Especially, I enjoy mens company. I consider myself very lucky to meet a real gentleman, the one who knows to treat a woman with good manners, the one who is generous in all senses, courteous and respectful.
I imagine our date starting with a glass of good wine, which will flow to some theatrical show. After what well continue our evening in a nice restaurant in degustation of cooking marvels of Parisian kitchen. And the long fantastic night will surprise us with so many possibilities which can become our realities.
And how would you imagine our date? I want you to know that Ill be a woman from your imagination, Ill dress myself according to the circumstances, Ill behave according to the occasion, all in all very natural. Youll be endlessly fascinated by discovering and rediscovering me...
My dear friend, after all these words about my world, I hope I had been able to inspire you to initiate our date and spend wonderful and exciting time together. If you desire to be that one gentleman I long to meet, then Ill be yours!
Now, Id like to invite you to initiate a visit of my website for more details.

2018 04 24