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1 year
Please call me on
Bucharest , Romania
To ensure the best deal and priority service from your chosen Escorts mention theEscortWeb!

I am 28 years old , natural blonde, 168 cm height , 52 kg , slim , keeping myself in good shape by going to gym daily , and having a healthy life style.Gifted with the art of the erotic touch, I am blessed with a beautiful feminine curvy body, pretty face, shimmering I thought, why not to share with the select gentlemen?
As a high class real life lady, I am trained to have all the best manners. I was brought up to be a lady but I suppose there was a provocative courtesan in me, trying to find the way to live the secret life of a desiring and yearning lover.
I am an upscale companion, so if you are a man searching for the real quality in woman and wish to be treated as you deserve, and want to find relaxation in the arms of friend....then please explore further.
I am a balm for your soul, I will be your understanding and passionate lover, your romantic dinner date, your friend who will listen to you and who will provide laughter to take all your worries away , and the perfect travel or holiday companion .
One of my biggest passion is travelling and discovering new places , new people , to explore different cultures and habits , so I will happily travel with you anywhere your business or pleasure will take you to , if you wish to invite me :)
Charm and discretion are my main characteristics. So lets spend a few hours in each others arm, lets enjoy the best of the luxurious hotels, lets forget all the stress and tensions of everyday lives in a spa, and lets taste the best on the menu of top rated restaurants. We live just once, so lets taste all the ingredients that life can offer.

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