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Katie Foxx Katie Foxx
Katie Foxx
Gold Coast , Australia
Contact Phone
Im Katie Foxx. One of Australias finest elite independent escorts. I lead a healthy, physically active lifestyle. My physique is firm with curves all in the right places. Im a size 8, 163cm tall with a sexy DD bust and long dark brown hair. Driven by that which is mental, I am self-confessed sex addict and ardent lover. I genuinely love being an escort in every sense. Many have described me as adventurous and open-minded. Please dont hesitate to tell me if there is something you are distinctly looking for. Articulate. Educated. Confident. The ideal companion for any occasion. Being widely travelled has given me a unique perspective on life, and is perhaps one of the reasons people regard me wise beyond my years. My personal p...
Bianca Bardot Bianca Bardot
Bianca Bardot
Gold Coast , Australia
Helena Helena
Gold coast, Australia
HollyGC HollyGC
Gold Coast , Australia
Lady Ally Lady Ally
Lady Ally
Gold Coast , Australia
Mistress Arya Mistress Arya
Mistress Arya
Gold Coast, Australia
Mistress Candy Mistress Candy
Mistress Candy
Gold Coast, Australia
Ms.Alannah Ms.Alannah
Gold Coast , Australia