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Interview With Penelope Wet

November 23, 2017
Penelope Wet
Penelope Wet of United States was kind enough to conduct an Interview with theEscortWeb. We thank her for her frankness and time.
Question: Who are you & what do you do?
Penelope Wet: I am Penelope Wet your Premiere Love Companion. I cater to the erotic needs of verified gentlemen and verified couples. What sets me apart from the typical escort is my unique ability to provide clients with the highest levels of soothing relaxation, pleasure and enjoyment. As your love companion I satisfy the desire for an emotional connection and warmth.
Question: How did you begin doing this kind of work, & what drove you to begin?
Penelope Wet: My love for adventure, independence and new experiences led me to escort. Escorting has opened many doors to me of people I would not have otherwise met.
Question: Are you open about being an escort? Why or why not?
Penelope Wet: Absolutely! I have to be genuine. Hiding is way to much work for me and so uncomfortable. At the time I became an escort I was living with my mother and grandmother. I told them quite frankly I was moving away to become an escort. I have also been honest in my relationships with men and in my friendships. I respect myself for being honest.
Question: Did you come from a religious background? How do you think your family would react if they knew?
Penelope Wet: First of all what an awesome question. I did come from a "religious background" and like most people who come from such a background I know most religious people are hypocritical and not completely honest with themselves. I have a relationship with my Creator and He knows what I am doing. I also informed my family not that I need their validation.
Question: How do you ensure your safety while working? (Condoms, phonecalls, etc.)
Penelope Wet: I want to be safe, healthy and live a long time so condoms are a must. Also I my in depth screening process keeps me around only the best gentlemen. My requirements to meet are: 2 provider references, FULL NAME, AGE, OCCUPATION, EMAIL, PHONE and DATE, TIME, LOCATION.
Question: Have you established many boundaries around what you are & are not comfortable doing?
Penelope Wet: I don't provide Greek and all my services are safe. As long as I'm comfortable is all good. But if I'm not comfortable I won't do it.
Question: How often do you feel attracted to the men you’re seeing? Does that affect the quality of your work?
Penelope Wet: WOW! What a question. The answer is way too often. I had a client last weekend that had me in la la land. I had to snap back to reality. I would say if it affects my clients at all it would be in a positive way. For instance I was thinking about all that I would do if saw the guy I mentioned again.
Question: What are your relationships like with the men you see? Are they ongoing or once-off situations?
Penelope Wet: I love my regular clients. As I spend time with someone I get comfortable with them and open even up more! My sessions get better and better or should I say wetter and wetter. If we have chemistry, do come back so we can build upon that and see where it goes.
Question: What’s the best thing about the work you do? What’s the worst thing?
Penelope Wet: The best part of my job is making people feel better about themselves and being loved on. The worst part of my job is the ridiculous regulations of this country.